At, T3Media provides one of the world’s deepest libraries of video content along with expert project management, rights, and clearances services.

Industry’s largest online library of professionally shot HD and 35mm backed footage, including special effects, aerials, establishing shots, and lifestyle motion imagery. Libraries include premium sports, news, creative stock footage, long form, and offline video from collections such as BBC Motion Gallery, Paramount Pictures, Sony Pictures Entertainment, National Geographic, The New York Times, and the NCAA®.

For Library Owners:

T3Media helps media companies create new revenue streams and increase the value of their rights.
  • Turnkey licensing sales channel including infrastructure, rights, and commerce
  • Global distribution and sales force working with the world’s leading entertainment, sports, news, and interactive video producers
  • Marketing and promotion support
  • Rich frame-based metadata to enhance content search and access
  • Research, rights, and clearances services to manage complex content
  • Opportunity to integrate with library storage, backup and access

For Video Producers:

With an unparalleled library of sports, news, entertainment, and creative footage – T3Media is the only place to look for video.
  • Hundreds of libraries aggregated in one location
  • Advanced search, preview, and clipping at frame level
  • On-demand transcode and delivery in all major formats
  • Sharing and project tools
  • Expert sales and research staff for project support
  • Pricing to support all types of projects and delivery