T3Media helps content owners create new revenue streams and rights value with its licensing,  research and rights services, and global sales and distribution.

T3Media’s leadership and experience in the footage business helps media owners unlock new value from their libraries and have their content professionally marketed, managed and delivered. From strong buyer-seller relationships, to research support and clearance services, T3Media has built the top storefront and sales  channel in the footage business.

  • Existing relationships with key buyers across all segments, including studios, agencies, documentarians, and TV, film, and sports production
  • Reputation of providing high-quality premium content
  • International sales team supports the buying process
  • Research team helps clients discover content
  • Pricing models supports multiple use scenarios
  • Clearance team for actors, location and music rights
  • Promotion of libraries, by brand and market
  • Marketing support via search, events, advertising, newsletters, and social media

If you are a producer of high-quality footage and are interested in selling through T3 Media Licensing, email us at content@t3media.com