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T3Media’s Platform-as-a-Service drives real, incremental value for our clients by minimizing cost and complexity across the entire content supply chain.

Solve the Disconnected Content Supply Chain

Our technology & services provide an all-in-one solution that finally stitches together the disconnected content supply chain that is often addressed with multiple technology partners:

  • Acquisition - easy acquisition of content from creators
  • Management - simplified content management including sales / distribution preparation
  • Access - secure creation of self-service content access for approved sales and  production team
  • Delivery - frictionless delivery of content post-sale to the end customer or distributor
Leverage our Proven Experience

T3Media offers a mature, high-scale Platform-as-a-Service originally built to support our own licensing business.  Over time, this first-hand experience and deep industry knowledge has helped us evolve our offering into one that has been used by more than 400 content providers and platform clients. We aren’t just a vendor with a kit; we are a partner. This depth affords you the scale of our technology with the customization required to create a solution that meets your specific needs.

Our experience across leading entertainment and sports catalogs fuels our continued innovation and deepens our value as a credible solution partner.  Some of our clients include Sony Pictures Entertainment, Paramount Pictures, National Geographic and the NCAA©.

Address the Required Scale for Enterprise Libraries

We are one of the largest content platforms in the world specializing in the management of multi-format assets and the processing of large-scale content repositories:

  • Content ingest – 40+ terabytes of content ingested & 35K+ transcodes processed per day
  • Asset management – millions of assets managed & monetized – more than 15 petabytes – that includes more than 560 million metadata records
  • Delivery – 30K+ content orders delivered each month

Learn more about how we can help you solve your most challenging content supply chain problems.