Cloud-based asset management that makes storing, retrieving, managing, and delivering your high-value master video libraries accessible to any authorized user with a web browser. Access via web services and additional modules let you scale functionality to your business needs.



Bring together enterprise-class storage with web-based access and services



  • Visual web interface to your content library for global user access
  • Sophisticated search and filtering using 82 core metadata fields
  • Rich publishing and file delivery toolset
  • High availability architecture for 24 x 7 access
  • Secure storage with dual-site backup copy support
  • Administration tools for secure permission-based user access

Ingest and Add Content with Ease
  • Easy onboarding of analog or digital content
  • Quality assurance ingest process
  • Master replication at redundant storage location
  • Multiple renditions made for proxy, thumbnail, and speedview
  • Frame-based metadata services during ingest create “smart content”
    • Audio, facial, and content specific analysis