Advanced “smart content” curation supports both internal workflows and new content consumption models.

The Metadata Editor is a sophisticated application for creating metadata for assets. Rights and legal metadata tracks create efficiency in internal approvals and content use while transcripts, trivia and other consumer-facing content enables new product, search, and social opportunities.


  • Web-based interface with visual editing toolset
  • Advanced frame-accurate access and editing with multiple time code standards
  • Multiple tracks with highly extensible and flexible structure
  • Open, XML text-based metadata standards enable control and integration
  • Ability to import and incorporate metadata from other sources
  • Automated metadata application including scene detection, facial recognition, and script syncing
  • Search and filter logic across tracks
  • Customized tracks for content genre or subject matter
  • Topic-specific templates for new, entertainment, and individual sports


  • Content discovery improves with granular metadata
  • Anywhere, anytime tagging through web-based interface
  • Automation improves tagging throughput
  • Value of content is enhanced when fully curated
  • Sub-clip and scene discovery is greatly enhanced
  • Integration: the same metadata is searchable and publishable via API across the T3 Library Manager toolset
  • Manage product placement, Rights & Clearances
  • Operational efficiency for internal library management and usage
  • Increase re-purposing for social engagement, sharing and targeted merchandising