T3Media supports high-scale content migration from film, videotape, and analog formats into digital management in its Platform.

Through it’s own team and service partners, T3Media provides a range of “on-ramps” to its video management Platform, supporting and accelerating the content migration objectives of media owners, including storage, access, and unlocking new value from video libraries.



Film,  tape, or digital sources are migrated, ingested, and stored as masters

  • Film scanning via DFT SCANITY onsite
  • 2K/4K film transfers with audio + DPX level QC and validation
  • LTO5/LTFS storage, files available for further restoration or mastering
  • Live, on-site, event ingestion services
  • 13 standard input source formats supported
  • Mirrored masters in separate locations for security
  • Secondary proxy and “speedview” generated at time of ingest
  • Restoration available for preservation requirements
  • T3 Library Manager for web-based access
  • Metadata services upon ingest to enhance the value of content


  • Preserve archive by migrating content to digital
  • Save on storage expenditures
  • Anywhere, anytime access to your content
  • With added metadata, content is more easily located
  • Option to sell content through T3Media’s Licensing storefront