T3Media’s Platform enables a range of monetization models via footage licensing.

T3Media’s video management Platform includes integrated rights, ecommerce, and API publishing functionality, enabling library owners to power their own licensing businesses via a rapidly deployable footage storefront.

Alternatively, library owners can contract with us to outsource footage sales to our Licensing portal (www.t3licensing.com) and global sales, Research, and Rights & Clearances teams, providing a new revenue stream with no organizational or technology investment.

With these integrated models, library owners can generate new revenue streams to cross-fund digital conversion, archive, and asset management efforts.

Learn more about T3Media’s Licensing business here.



  • Professional, consultative, pro-active sales team facilitates buying
  • Advantageous economies of scale through large catalog selection
  • Large global sales staff with vast ties to production and agency buyers
  • Premium account-based content buyers
  • Sophisticated tools for searching and filtering content
  • Rich-media created through metadata curation provides frame-based search results
  • Versatile buying opportunities from ability to sell sub-clips to long form
  • Extensive format support for delivery
  • Optional delivery on physical media like tape or CD
  • Easy email sharing of content “bins” allows collaborative buying
  • Experienced staff of researches supporting offline content
  • Critical Rights & Clearance services