“Smart content” metadata is the key to unlocking value in a video library.

Rich, asset, and frame-based metadata improves the efficiency of access for internal workflows around research and rights as well as enabling new interactive offerings for consumers. Video library owners can augment their existing metadata and accelerate advanced curation efforts by leveraging  T3Media’s metadata teams and automated tools.


  • Ability to import existing metadata from a variety of sources and formats
  • API integration to other applications that house metadata
  • Automated ingest for frame-based metadata curation using scene detection, script matching and facial analysis
  • Manual logging based on subject matter specific requirements (e.g., sports play-by-play, film scene tagging)
  • Custom metadata schemas for arbitrary metadata and topic-specific templates
  • Metadata Editor application available for metadata editing by customer


  • Sub-clip and scene research and discovery is greatly enhanced
  • Rich metadata supports monetization and new product offerings
  • Manage product placement and Rights & Clearances for sub-clip