Our Platform’s API and Web Services can power a range of web and broadband publishing models and enables rapid deployment.

BBC Motion Gallery


Corbis Motion

T3Media has packaged solutions for deploying portals ranging from B2B catalogs to footage licensing storefronts to B2C content portals.
  • Rapid and cost effective deployment – leverages core functionality for search, preview, and rights via our Platform’s rich Web Services and  API
  • Packaged offerings for presentation layer reflect best practices and extensive T3Media experience
  • Portals leverage frame-based metadata to provide a rich Web experience
  • Vertical market designs tuned for specific audiences
  • Sports portals with rich metadata provide search and sharing by game, athlete and plays
  • Rapid development by experienced services team accelerates time to market
  • Integration: management of source assets, metadata, and channel settings via T3 Library Manager and its modules