T3Media’s proven, redundant, petabyte-scale infrastructure provides a secure option for both primary and secondary storage, offering flexibility and efficiency for owners of large video libraries.

Cloud Storage is offered with two models: Asset Redundancy and Business Continuity



  • Highly redundant federated cloud-based storage services
  • Enterprise-class tape storage with LTO5 tape using open LTFS format
  • Proxies and “speedview” files created during ingestion to support web-based access
  • Comprehensive transcoding provides varied delivery needs
  • Performance monitoring to ensure throughput benchmarks
  • Multiple workflow processes to support customer requirements
  • Metadata ingest services including import and creation with enhanced automated tagging
  • Location independent content browsing using web-based application

Asset Redundancy Offering

  • File-level redundancy enabling access and recovery at asset level
  • Turn key, “lights out” cloud service managed by T3Media software, infrastructure, and staff
  • “Shared infrastructure” approach supports cost effective model
  • Simple, rapid deployment – can just start sending files
  • Connectivity via VPN, Aspera, and similar tools
  • Option for search, preview, and download via T3 Library Manager web-based portal
  • Integration with T3 Media Licensing for potential new revenue stream


Business Continuity Offering

  • Dedicated infrastructure that offers customer sufficient control to support full business continuity services (asset management, playout, etc)
  • Customer-owned media and software applications
  • Direct integration to customer application stack
  • Dedicated connectivity possible for high scale access and management
  • Hybrid services possible integrating T3Media and client staff, software, and dedicated infrastructure
  • Pricing models on “per slot” basis