T3Media’s rich API and Web Services allows our clients to access content, metadata, and functionality from our Platform  within their own publishing and application frameworks.

Our API unlocks the use and publishing of content and metadata stored in T3Media’s Platform in an open and flexible manner. Customer development teams can develop their own sites and applications using our API documentation or leverage T3Media’s packaged portal models and implementation services. See examples of API implementations at our B2B & B2C portals page

The API enables rich search and preview functions against content and metadata in owner libraries. API access is regulated by the account’s overall permission sets providing appropriate security and publishing control.

The API toolset includes:

The public API is implemented in REST (Representatinal State Transfer) over HTTP. We have endeavored to use the strictest definition of REST, meaning that our data is noun-oriented, using the four GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE HTTP “verbs” as the primary verbs in the interface. All data communication uses either name-value pairs for simple data, or XML for structured data.

Review detailed API documentation at our technical Wiki here

Please contact your T3Media account or sales representative to receive credentials and API access keys.