T3Media’s product and service offerings rest on an enterprise-class architecture built for video

T3Media manages millions of assets, metadata, and transcodes at petabyte scale in its proven media Platform. We’ve built a secure, scalable storage infrastructure tied to high capacity bandwidth and a specialized video management application layer. This platform has been tested through millions of dollars in commercial transactions across T3Media’s own Licensing business and those of the portals it powers.

T3Media’s customers are able to tap into this Platform to support storage and backup needs, enable new business models, and support enterprise-scale library management requirements while minimizing capital expenditure and internal staffing.

Architecture Building Blocks:

Storage Infrastructure

  • Federated archive, geographically redundant with automated failover between sites
  • Multiple onboarding mechanisms and enhancement opportunities
    • Film scanning, tape digitization
    • Automated metadata enhancement: audio, facial, scene
    • Automated encoding upon ingest for thumbnails, proxies and “speedview” renditions
  • Bandwidth access infrastructure designed for media distribution
    • Multiple point-to-point circuits at speeds of 10 Gbps or greater
    • Average throughput of 500Mbps on circuits scalable to 1 Gpbs
  • Exabyte storage capacity by 2014
  • Enterprise-class tape storage with LTO5 tape using open LTFS format
  • Environmentally supports a n+1 resiliency
    • Design with systems for fire, environment, power and physical security
    • Vetted by the world’s leading media companies

Asset Management

  • Video-centric application layer built for search, preview and access to media assets
  • Flexible preview of proxies, with application control of master assets
  • Built digital from the ground up with browser and API access to tie enterprise-scale premium content libraries to diverse distribution, channel, and device requirements
  • T3 Library Manager - web-based asset management tool for anytime, anywhere content access

Delivery Services

  • Scalable, high-capacity transcode architecture for global delivery across formats
  • Packaging and delivery services to support content and title distribution to commercial destinations
  • On demand “lights out” delivery paired with support from fulfillment services team


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