Taming the Digital Media Explosion – How One Customer Delivers Archive-as-a-Service

The shift to digital content is causing skyrocketing content growth rates, challenging enterprises to develop a better strategy for long-term storage. Many enterprises are quickly realizing that keeping unstructured, digital content archives on disk storage can be both a costly and complex proposition.

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IBM Linear Tape File System with T3Media’s Cloud-based Platform

IBM continuously collaborates with media and entertainment clients, bringing together business insight, advanced research and powerful technology to help give them a distinct advantage in today’s rapidly changing production environment. For an industry that already relies heavily on digital information, it’s not surprising that data will support the crucial transformation of both the operations and value of media companies. But these companies will require more than just data.

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Storage & Access Best Practices for Large-Scale Video Libraries

Does it bug you that teenagers have better access to their media library than you? Hear insight from our CTO, Mark Lemmons on how to prepare your video for next-generation users. This webinar covered the macro trends that got us here and shared examples of how leading content companies are assembling the right mix of infrastructure, software, and expertise to address this new landscape.

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